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flash stuff

These are some flash cartoons I made. A few of them appeared on Hot Wired's Animation Express, Film Roma's Level13, and various other sites. For those without broadband the file size is listed after each link.

Stoplight 206 kb	
View 293 kb
Happy Trails 155 kb
Fishin' 175 kb

The New Adventures of Suzzi Sailmore
episode 1:Kaged Kitty 1 mb
episode 2: BeeWitched 1.3 mb
episode 3: Boom Box 1.4 mb

Incomplete projects:

Never got around to finishing these ones, mostly the dialog has not been added. Still if your interested here they are.

Manna Bolt 350 kb
Million Miles Night
episode 1 106 kb
episode 2 153 kb


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